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Core Bit

Core Bit If you work with natural granite or other quarried material, you will need the right sort of high quality core bit. Don't settle for the cheapest bit you can find. An excellent craftsman understands the importance of working with wonderful tools. Bookmark our page and come see us every time you need a blade or a bit.

A core bit is simply used for core drilling green concrete, plain concrete, and surfaces like field stones, asphalt, pavers, hard brick, brick, and clay pavers. Core bits are likely laser-welded and integrated with high-grade diamonds so they last longer and cut well. Each core bit is specially engineered using special barrel vents so the cutting debris can easily be removed. Your choices include the following:

•    Granite/marble. This is suitable for drilling thicker material like granite and marble slabs.
•    Stone/tile.  These core bits are suitable for drilling thinner materials like porcelain and ceramic tiles.
•    Dry cut. These core bits are for block, masonry, tile, and brick drilling. They come with barrel vents so the debris can easily be removed and won't clog the system.
•    Supreme concrete. This is great for materials like brick, concrete, pavers, block, and asphalt. This diamond core bit is integrated with more diamonds and is laser-welded for superior life and cutting speed.
•    Premium concrete. This is suitable for brick, asphalt, pavers, block, and block, and concrete. The lifespan is average and it is laser-welded. It is an alternative to the supreme concrete core bit if you want something fast but more economical.

Browse the selection of core bits here at Concrete Blade Warehouse. This is your one-stop source for high quality blades that offer high durability and excellent and precise cuts. Whether you need heavy duty industrial equipment, core bits, or diamond blades, you are sure to find them here at discounted prices. Enjoy prompt delivery, free shipping deals, and a reliable returns and replacements policy. Find out more about Concrete Blade Warehouse by exploring this website, and if you need immediate assistance, you can either call us toll-free at (888) 854-0901 or chat with a representative online.
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